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Tian Yu appointed as international ambassador of AYAA

Tian Yu (Tam) was appointed as international ambassador of AYAA on Monday.

The position will give Tian Yu the “specific responsibility for promoting Asian music, art and culture” in the world.

Tian Yu has a deep love for music and this is reflected in his philanthropy. He also shows his patriotism in the way he gives back to Asian community.

Tian Yu(Tam) is a musician and Chinese social media star based in Los Angeles. As an influencer, tam creates viral video content and sets trends on leading social media platforms.

Tam sees the value in his work goes beyond entertainment. Growing up in both east and the west, Tam is deeply influenced by cultures from both worlds and sees the importance of bringing two worlds together culturally. Therefore, as a social media influencer, Tam, through his work and social media influence, aims to help bridge the cultural gap between China and America by showing the authentic America culture to his Chinese audience, introducing American talents to Chinese market and yet helping raise awareness and celebrate the Chinese and Asian cultures in the west.

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