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Sino-American Youth "New Comedy" Exchange Event Successfully Held in Los Angeles

Sponsored by Mosaic Picture and co-organized by AYAA - Asian Young Artist Association, the "New Comedy" exchange event took place on the evening of October 11th at the Thymele Art Theatre in Hollywood, showcasing the charm and depth of Chinese "New Comedy" culture.

With the theme of "New Comedy", this gathering not only represents the younger generation's continuation of traditional comedic styles but also highlights the Chinese youth's acute perception and interpretation of contemporary pop culture. We were honored to have the founder of Now Theatre and a renowned figure in the Chinese comedy scene, Mr. "Ah Qiu" (Jiang Yu), engage in in-depth dialogue with young American comedy enthusiasts. The event received significant support from the Southwestern Chinese Students and Scholars Association, the US Overseas Student Union, and the CHINESE UNION, drawing enthusiastic participation from numerous international students and American undergraduates.

It's worth noting that Ah Qiu is not only the Chief Creative Director for the "Super Sketch Show" but has also dedicated over 11 years to the comedy industry, with his Now Theatre achieving outstanding recognition both domestically and abroad. During the evening's sharing session, Mr. Jiang Yu delved deep into the cultural values and philosophical underpinnings of "New Comedy", eliciting warm responses from the attendees.

The Asian Young Artist Association remains committed to promoting exchanges and collaborations in the cultural and artistic realms among young Asians. We firmly believe that this event not only amply showcased the intrinsic depth and breadth of "New Comedy" but also facilitated a broader appreciation of the significance and influence of "New Comedy" on the global cultural stage.

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