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AYAA Present: Photography Exhibition of Luo Bing's“Blossom” in Los Angeles


Asian Youth Artists Association announced that Photographer Luo Bing's photography exhibition “Blossom” in Los Angeles will kick off on July 18. This is the first event organized by the Asian Youth Artists Association after the Coronavirus pandemic.

The online exhibition will launch on August and continue to show through August. Luo Bing will donate all the money obtained from this exhibition to the "AYAA Asian Youth Art Association” for helping young Asian artists in the future.

The pandemic has caused more people to move out of cities and has impacted people's relationship with nature. People engage with nature more deeply. Luo Bing’s current exhibition, “Blossom” features his works created during the pandemic, exploring the human–nature interactions. Some of the works will also be exhibited in Milan, Italy in September.

The curator of the exhibition Nicole Cai said:

“ I hope this exhibition could inspire more artists to create, and provide more opportunities for them to communicate after the Coronavirus pandemic."

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